Vietnam Visa for Chad Citizens

Last update: 08/10/2022

Do Chad citizens need a visa to Vietnam?

Yes. Chad passport holders are not in the exemption list for Vietnam visa, therefore, they are required to obtain a Vietnam visa to enter the country. Still, there are some other requirements to be eligible to file your visa application as shown as bellows:

• A scan of passport copy, the passport must stay valid for at least 6 months since the arrival date in Vietnam

• The passport must have 2 empty pages for your entry and exit stamp, issued at the entry port you are entering.

How to apply for a Vietnam visa from Chad                              

Embassy visa and visa on arrival are two legit options for Chad citizens to get a Vietnam visa for tourism or business purpose.

Get Vietnam visa at the Embassy

Currently, there is no Vietnamese embassy or consulate in Chad. So, for acquiring a visa at the Vietnamese embassy, Chad nationals have to visit the nearest country where there is an embassy/consulate of Vietnam to submit their visa application or other countries where they are residing or visiting.

To get the visa in this way, Chad passport holders need to submit:

• Original passport which is valid at least 6 months since the traveling date to Vietnam

• Completed Vietnam visa application form

• An invitation letter sponsored by a Vietnam based company for business purpose or by a Vietnam based travel agency for tourist visa

• And others as required by the embassy/consulate

Please contact the embassy in advance for the best document preparation before visiting there in person.

Get Visa on Arrival (recommended)

The best and easiest way to get a visa for Chad citizens who are travelling to Vietnam by air is to get Visa on Arrival (VOA). By doing this way, there is no need to visit the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in person to submit the visa application.

With visa on arrival, you have to get a visa approval letter in advance before departure for Vietnam. Upon arrival, please present the visa letter with other documents to get visa stamped on your passport. The process to get the visa approval letter is completed online through a local visa or travel agency.

In order to get the visa approval letter, please send us a copy of your passport to our email at [email protected]. Our visa experts will response your inquiry soon.

Vietnam visa fee for Citizens of Chad

Depending the method of getting a Vietnam visa, the visa cost will be different.

• At the Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate: the fee is varied from one embassy to another.

• Vietnam visa on arrival: there are two mandatory fees including the stamping fee and visa approval letter. For the stamping fee, it is 25usd in cash for single entry and 50usd for 1 or 3 month multiple entry. About the visa approval letter, it will be confirmed at the time of applying it. To know exact the fee, please contact us at + 84.948.555.332 or yourvietnamvisa.[email protected]


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