Last update: 31/08/2022

Vietnam visa on arrival is the best, simplest and fastest way to get a Vietnam visa. Just follow through 04 simple steps with [Yourvietnamvisa] as guided in the bellow section in order to secure your visa to enter Vietnam.

How to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival

♦ Step 1: Fill in the visa application online

You need to fill in the visa application [here] with the correct details of the applicant such as the applicant’s full name, nationality, passport number, birth of date, gender, entry and exit date and other related information. Or you can send to us such details of the applicant at [email protected] for further support.

♦ Step 2: Make payment for the visa service

After completing the visa application form, you are required to make payment with credit card or debit card for the visa service before we start processing the application.

♦ Step 3: Get the visa approval letter by email

Within 2 working days for a tourist visa or 5-7 working days for a business visa, your visa approval letter is sent to your email. If you choose urgent or super urgent service, the visa approval letter will get ready by 1 working day, 4 or 2 working hours depending how fast you would like to get the visa letter.

Once you receive your visa approval letter, you have to double check all details of the applicant to make sure that everything is correct. Then print out the visa approval letter and bring it along with a Vietnamese visa application form, 02 passport sized photos, stamping fee in cash (preferably paid in US Dollars)

♦ Step 4: Get visa stamped on arrival at the Vietnam airport

Please show your visa approval letter, Vietnamese visa application, 02 passport sized photo and stamping fee at the Vietnam Immigration Counter upon arrival in order to get visa stamped on our passport by the Immigration Officer.

Important notes:

Visa on arrival is only issued at the first arrival international airport of Vietnam. It is not accepted if you enter Vietnam by land or sea. Those who get into Vietnam through land border or cruise, please visit the Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate to collect a full visa stamp on your passport.

Once the visa approval letter is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department, there is no way to change or edit any information on the visa letter. In case you want to correct any mistake, you are advised to apply for a new visa letter.

In order to get through the Immigration process quickly and smoothly, you can consider to arrange Fast track service with us. For more details, please go to this link:


How many days in advance should I apply for a visa approval letter?

You should apply for a visa approval letter from 10 to 15 days in advance prior to your traveling date to Vietnam so that you can have enough time to fix any problem with our visa approval letter if it happens, or avoid paying the emergency fee.

What is the cost of a Vietnam visa on arrival?

The fees of visa on arrival include visa service fee and stamping fee. The visa service is paid to get visa approval letter and it varies according to the type of visa and processing time while stamping fee is directly paid to the Immigration Officer in cash and it is fixed with 25usd for 1 or 3 month single entry and 50usd for 1 or 3 month multiple entry

What documents do I need to process a visa on arrival?

You have to submit the following documents to apply for visa approval letter:

⋅ Your full name as shown exactly on your passport

⋅ Date of birth

⋅ Nationality

⋅ Passport number

⋅ Entry and exit date

⋅ Arrival airport

⋅ Purpose of travel

Upon arrival at the Vietnam airport, you have to submit the following documents:

⋅ Physical passport

⋅ A copy of visa approval letter

⋅ A completed Vietnamese visa application form (Formally known as the Entry and Exit Form)

⋅ Two recent passport sized photos (4x6cm)

⋅ Stamping fee in cash

Can I get a business visa on arrival?

Yes, you can. Business visa on arrival can be easily obtained via our service. Please see more details on this type of visa at this link.