Moc Bai – Bavet Visa Run

Last update: 09/09/2022

What if your Vietnam visa is going to be expired soon while extension is not still available to do. In this case, visa run is absolutely the best option highly recommended by most of expats in Vietnam, and Moc Bai Border is considered as the cheapest place for doing visa run, especially for those who are staying in Ho Chi Minh city or Southern part of Vietnam.

In this article, we would like walk you through the details of things and steps to prepare and do visa run to Moc Bai checkpoint.

Things to prepare before leaving the border:

Here is the checklist of documents and things you need to prepare:

⋅ You original passport which is valid at least 6 months from your entry date to Vietnam

⋅ Your e-visa or visa approval letter or 5 year visa exemption if you are not eligible for Vietnam visa exemption

⋅ 30 USD in cash for Cambodia visa on arrival if it is available on your nationality. In case you wish to have a Cambodia visa on your passport before getting to the border, you can apply it directly at Cambodia Embassy at 71A, Tran Hung Dao Street, Hanoi, or Cambodia Consulate General at No.41, Phung Khac Khoan Street, Ho Chi Minh City) 

⋅ Vaccination certificate to enter Cambodia

⋅ 25 USD in cash for Vietnam visa stamping fee for single entry or 50usd in cash for multiple entry valid up 3 months if you acquire a business visa on arrival.

⋅ Two passport sized photos if you are getting Vietnam visa on arrival

To re-enter Vietnam, proof of vaccination and covid test are no longer required.

Steps to do Vietnam visa run at Moc Bao border checkpoint

Step 1: Going To Moc Bai Border From Ho Chi Minh

There are various options that are mostly opted by foreigner visitors/expats for travelling to Moc Bai Border from Saigon including motorbike, public bus, private car and taxi.

Private car/Motorbike

It is the fastest way to reach the border by heading forwards Cu Chi and QL 22. The distance is around 70-80km. For private car, it costs about 65usd for a return trip and a driver will pick up directly at your hotel or place. 

Although riding motorbike could be a tiring and exhausted journey, it is not a bad option for those who love enjoying the landscape or have got a car-sickness. 

Public Bus

It is the cheapest and longest option to get Moc Bai Border from Ho Chi Minh. Take the blue bus No.703 at Park 23/9 Bus Terminal near Pham Ngu Lao Street, District 1. The bus departures every 30 minutes and go straight to Moc Bai. It costs 40.000 VND (around 2 USD/way/person) for 3-hour-journey. 

If you want to return Saigon on the same day, you should start off your visa run as early as possible, preferably before 9am. The last bus will leave Moc Bai around 4 or 5 pm.

Minivan/Private Bus

Minivan or private bus is a better option with affordable cost if you don’t want to stop at some bus stations along the route. You can book this type of transportation with a bus office on Pham Ngu Lao Street. The price is around 30-35usd/way/person.

Step 2: Exit Vietnam

After getting off the bus or bike your motorbike, just walk up to the Vietnam Immigration Building until you see a booth with a Vietnamese official sitting inside. Then, hand your passport to the immigration officer, he or she will stamp it and you are done.  In case there is a waiting line there, just join in a queue and wait for your turn.

Once you get an exit stamp on your passport, just walk toward the Cambodian immigration Building. 

Step 3: Enter Cambodia

At the Cambodia border, you are required to fill up a form, then go to the passport officer to hand your passport and form. After checking all your form, the officer will instruct you to go to a booth where you can submit your passport and form and pay along with 35USD for Cambodia e-visa. 

Once you get a Cambodia visa sticked on your passport, just go to the Immigration Officer and give him your passport with the Cambodian visa. After that, just walk out straight into the next building to enter Cambodia. You will get an arrival card to fill up for an official entry.

Step 4: Exit Cambodia

Go to the next booth of on the EXIT side of Cambodia. Then, submit your passport and your printed e-visa for Vietnam to get your stamp out of Cambodia. 

Step 5: Re-enter Vietnam

Walk up to Vietnam Immigration Building again. In case you do not have the Covit test, you can do that test at Moc Bai Border at 10usd and wait for 10-15 minutes for result. 

At the immigration building, you then present your passport, Vietnam entry paper (e-visa/visa approval letter/5-year visa exemption) if required, covid test certificate and complete the Vietnam entry process to re-enter Vietnam. 

You’re done. Congratulation! Now you get a new visa to stay longer in Vietnam. Just get your transport back to Ho Chi Minh.

 Some handy tips to make your visa run at ease and comfort

⋅ Prepare an exact amount of USD in cash to pay for visa fee

⋅ Be sure that you are stuck with the border shown on your e-visa letter/visa approval letter for visa run. If you have to shift your entry port, you have to apply a new visa.

⋅ Not all citizens are eligible for Cambodia e-visa and visa on arrival. If your countries are not yet on the list , you need to apply for Cambodia visa in advance at Cambodian Embassy or Consulate General in Ha Noi or Ho Chi Minh

⋅ Bring some USD with you as an extra tip (around 10usd) for the officer at the border to make the whole procedure of your entry and exit easier and more seamless 


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