Vietnam Visa Photo Requirements

Last update: 09/09/2022

Vietnam Visa Photo Requirements

Depending on the visa method you apply from, the photos required might be physical or digital ones. Physical photo is required to submit along with your visa application at the Vietnamese Embassy or at the Vietnam airport, while digital photo can be uploaded online when it comes to Vietnam e-visa.

Vietnam visa photo requirements (physical photo)

• The photograph specifications for Vietnam visa application are:

• The size: 4x6cm (2x2inch)

• Photos must be identical and taken within the last 6 months

• The photos must be in color. Black and white are not accepted

• A plain white background

• The applicant must look directly at the camera

• Have a neutral facial expression. No smile, mouth closed and both eyes open

• 70-80% part of photo must be filled with the applicant’s face

• The applicant must not wear eyes-glasses except for medical reasons

• The applicant should avoid wearing clothing that is the same or similar color as the background

Normal outfit should be worn on a daily basis. Religious clothing can be acceptable as long as the headdress must not cover the applicant’s face and hairline must be visible.

Vietnam E-visa photo requirement (digital photo)

If you apply Vietnam e-visa, you just need to submit a digital photo with the same specifications as a physical photo does. Besides, it must meet the following requirements:

• The photo must be in color 

• The format of the photo must be in a JPG file. PDF and PNG files can not be used

• The weight of the photo file should not exceed 1MG

Vietnam visa photo do’s and don’t’s

Where to take Vietnam visa photos?

If you are in Vietnam and need photos for a visa run, you can visit some professional photo stores nearby the place you are living. It’s very easy to spot photo stores on the main streets in HaNoi or Ho Chi Minh city. 

It costs around 2-2.5 usd for a set of two passport photos. In case, you have a digital photo back up, you can send them for printing it off in color. 

You can take the photos yourself, just make sure that your camera or phone has a high quality to provide photos that fulfill all requirements. 

For those who arrive in Vietnam airport do not remember to prepare photos for visa on arrival, they have to be charged 5usd per each photo. 

How to get a Vietnam visa photo for baby or toddler

If you are applying for a Vietnam visa for your baby or toddler that is not included on the parent’s passport, you must have photos of them. The tricky thing is that babies or toddlers do not sit still. So, here are some tips and requirements for baby and toddler’s photos as follows:

• Only a baby or toddler is seen in the photos. No one else or things must be in the pictures. 

• The baby’s eyes have to open

• The baby should have a neutral facial expression. A smile is acceptable but If your baby is crying or laughing, the baby’s photo can be rejected.

• The baby must be looking forwards the camera

• You can put a white-shirt, pillowcase, blanket on your bed or cover your car seat with a white comforter to provide a plain white background. 


Can I take the photo on my phone?

Yes, you can as long as you have to follow the photo requirements as required above.

Do I need to take a new photo if I’ve recently changed my appearance?

A new photo is just required if you have gone through a significant change from what it is in your current photo. You might have to take a new photo if you have: 

• Obtained a new gender identity

• Undergone significant facial surgery and removed large facial tattoos

• Undergone a numerous weight loss or gain.

Can I remove the eye-red from my photo?

You can use an eye-red reduction function when taking the photos. However, no photo editing tools can be used to digitally remove the red-eye from your photo. 


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