Vietnam Business Visa

Last update: 09/09/2022

Who need a Vietnam business visa?

Foreigners who enter Vietnam for the following purposes will need a business visa:

⋅ Exploring business opportunity in Vietnam 

⋅ Setting up industrial/business facilities

⋅ Attending meeting, conference with business partner

⋅ Participating in exhibitions, trade fair, etc

⋅ Doing sales, purchase or trading activities

Type of Vietnam business visa

Vietnam business visa is categorized according to the business purpose and the length of stay.

Business purpose

⋅ DN1 visa: this type of visa is issued to those who enter Vietnam to work with companies or organizations such as Ltd., Jsc., 100% foreign owned, etc in accordance with the laws of Vietnam. 

⋅ DN2 visa: this type of visa is issued to those who enter Vietnam to offer services, establish commercial presence under the international treaty where Vietnam is one of its members. DN2 visa does not require its holder to work with sponsor company but have to need their sponsorship.

Length of stay

Vietnam business visa is also categorized according to the validity and the number of entries with the details of each type as follows:

⋅ 1 month single entry

⋅ 3 month single entry

⋅ 1 month multiple entry

⋅ 3 month multiple entry

⋅ 6 month multiple entry

⋅ 1 year multiple entry

How to get business visa

There are two legitimate ways to get a Vietnam business visa as bellows:

  1. By Vietnam Embassy/Consulate where you are living or nearby. With this way, you are required to contact the Vietnam Embassy/Consulate before or visit the Embassy or Consulate for the guidance on the business visa application
  2. By Vietnam visa on arrival. This way does not require to travel anywhere because the application process can be done online. You just need to provide your personal and travel details. In case, you have a licensed company to sponsor your visa, your company will need to provide required documents to submit as well.

Required documents

Depending on which way you will choose to get a business visa, required documents slightly differ. Here is the detailed checklist of documentation:

Vietnam visa on arrival – pick up business visa at the Vietnam Airport

⋅ Your passport must be valid at least 6 months from your entry date to Vietnam (travel document or temporary passport is not accepted)

⋅ A copy of Vietnam visa approval letter. Please see how to obtain this letter at this link. 

⋅ At least 2 empty pages left on your passport

⋅ Vietnamese visa application form

⋅ 02 passport sized photos (4x6cm)

⋅ Stamping fee in cash 

Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate:

⋅ Your original passport must be valid at least 6 months from your entry date to Vietnam with 2 empty pages left 

⋅ A sponsoring letter from a company in Vietnam. 

⋅ 02 passport sized photos (4x6cm) 

⋅ Embassy/Consulate fee

⋅ A completed visa application form (directly downloaded from the embassy/consulate website or provided by them in person) 

Procedure to apply a Vietnam business visa

There are two ways to get a Vietnam business visa as follows: 

Apply Vietnam business visa through Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate 

Step 1: Obtaining a Vietnamese visa sponsorship letter (or also known as Vietnam visa approval letter) 

Your sponsor company in Vietnam will apply for a visa sponsorship visa letter which is officially issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department. In order to obtain this letter, your sponsor company will prepare documents as listed below: 

– A copy of applicant’s passport 

– A copy of business license of sponsor company

– Form NA2 (signed and stamped by sponsor company)

– Form NA16 (signed and stamped by sponsor company)

– Introduction letter (signed and stamped by sponsor company)

– Working schedule (signed and stamped by sponsor company)

– Other documents if need be

The processing time of visa approval letter is from 5 to 7 working days since all visa documents are fully submitted. Once the visa approval letter is issued, the Immigration Department will send an original visa letter to your sponsor company and fax the visa letter to Vietnam Embassy/ Consulate Office as registered in the visa application. 

Step 2: Prepare documents to get Vietnam visa stamp at Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate 

Once your visa sponsor letter is approved and sent to you, you need to print it out and attach with other documents as included but not limited to:

– Your physical passport

– 02 passport sized photos

– Vietnamese visa application form (downloaded from the website of Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate)

– Vietnam visa fee as regulated by each embassy or consulate. 

Step 3: Submit by mail or visit Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate in person to get a visa stamped on the passport.

Depending on the visa procedure of each embassy or consulate, you will submit the visa documents by mail or person. The Vietnamese embassy will send your passport with visa on it by mail or inform you to collect them in person. 

Apply Vietnam business visa on arrival with

Step 1: Obtain a Vietnam visa sponsorship letter

Your sponsor company needs to send us the same documents as required by getting the visa sponsor letter through the Vietnam Embassy/Consulate. After 5-7 working days, we will send this letter to your email.

Step 2: Prepare visa document

You will print out the visa letter and prepare along with other documents including:

– A completed Vietnamese visa application form

– 02 passport sized photos

– Stamping fee in cash (preferably USD currency) which is 25usd for a single entry or 50usd for a multiple entry)

Step 3: Fly to Vietnam and get visa stamped at the Vietnam airport. 

Upon arrival at the Vietnam airport, you need to present all documents as mentioned above with your passport in order have a visa stamped on it.

Vietnam business visa fee

The cost of Vietnam business visa depends on which way you get it. 

At the Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate. The fee varies from this Embassy to another.

Visa on arrival: there are two kinds of fee involved into getting a business by this method. 

⋅ Visa service fee: paid online for us to acquire a visa approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department. This fee is determined by visa type, processing time and a number of applicants.

⋅ Stamping fee: paid in cash to the Immigration Officer upon your arrival to get visa stamped on your passport. The stamping fee depends on visa type only. 


⋅ Service charges are not included the stamping fee which is paid separately at the Vietnam airport.

⋅ Service charges subject to change as per the Vietnamese government’s visa policy

⋅ Service charges are non-refundable in case your visa application is denied. 

Processing time

At the Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate: it varies from this Embassy to the another.
Vietnam visa on arrival: it takes 5-7 working days for a Vietnam business visa application to get processed and approved. After the processing, the applicant can get a visa approval letter sent to your email. If you need processing urgency, you can get it in 2-3 working days. 


Can I convert tourist visa into business visa while I am in the country?

Yes, you can. To transfer tourist visa into business visa, you have to present a work permit was stipulated by sub-Article 7.4 of Law No. 51/2019/QH14 dated November 25, 2019 of the National Assembly

Can I extend my business visa?

Yes, you can. When your business visa comes to expire, you need to ask the sponsor company to extend your visa or just contact us to sort it out for you.

What is Vietnam business visa sponsor letter?

Vietnam business visa sponsor letter is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department through a local visa agency or sponsor company itself. It states that the applicant is allowed to enter Vietnam for business purpose with a certain duration. 

Is it possible to teach in Vietnam on business visa?

Yes, but a business visa is not sufficient to teach in Vietnam on a long-term basis. In this case you need to get a work permit and working visa (LD visa) or TRC 

Can my visa agent sponsor my business visa?

There is no visa agent allowed to sponsor your business visa. You will need to get the sponsorship from the company you are working for after entering Vietnam. It’s a fake or shell company to sponsor your business visa, you will encounter a penalty and have a high chance of being deported and blacklisted.