Vietnam E-visa

Last update: 09/09/2022


What is Vietnam E-visa

On February 2nd of 2017, the government of Vietnam officially introduced Vietnam E-visa or Vietnam electronic visa (EV for short) which is available for citizens of 80 countries

An E-visa for Vietnam is valid for up to 30 days with a single entry for tourism purpose. 

The Vietnam Evisa is an online travel authorization that simplifies the process of getting a visa to visit Vietnam. An eVisa for Vietnam can be quickly obtained after completing an online form with the applicant’s personal details and passport information. 

After 2 years of suspending the issuance of Vietnam tourist visa due to extraordinary COVID-19 travel restriction, Vietnam E-visa has reopened since March 15, 2022, and its regulations still remain the same as before COVID-19 

Which countries are eligible for Vietnam E-visa

Citizens of 80 countries are eligible for the E-visa for Vietnam. 

Citizens of the following countries and territories who wish to stay in Vietnam for no more than 30 days can obtain the Vietnam eVisa

Entry ports of accepting Vietnam E-visa

Persons holding E-Visa for Vietnam are permitted to enter the country throughout one of 30 ports of entry as listed below:

Vietnam E-visa requirements

To be eligible for e-visa, you have to meet the following requirements: 

⋅ Passport is valid for at least 6 months from the expected arrival date and at least 2 blank pages 

⋅ A soft file of your passport personal data photo in .jpg format 

⋅ A soft file of your portrait photo in .jpg format (white background without glasses)

⋅ A valid international credit or debit card for the payment of E-visa fee (American Express card is not accepted)

Vietnam E-visa validity and expiration 

Vietnam e-visa will grant a continuous stay of up to 30 days with single entry. The e-visa can be used to enter through 8 international airports, 17 landports and 9 seaports of Vietnam. 

Foreign visitors must arrive on or after the entry date on the e-visa and leave before it expires. This type of visa can not be extended. If you want to prolong your stay with the e-visa, you have to go for a visa run.

How to apply for Vietnam E-visa

Following our detailed instructions to get your E-visa:

⋅ Visit the official immigration website at, then click on “HOME” tab to choose “E-visa” > select “personally apply for E-visa”

⋅ Read carefully the guidance, then check the box next to the words “Confirmation of reading carefully instructions and having completed application” and click “Next.”

⋅ Upload your passport copy and portrait photo

⋅ Fill out the form with the required information. You can ignore the fields without a red asterisk

⋅ Review and verify your information, then you will get an application code. Be sure to note it down somewhere as you will need that later. 

⋅ Pay 25 USD for e-visa fee via online payment platform

⋅ Revisit the website after a few days and go to “SEARCH” tab > click on E-visa search and enter your registration code, email and birth of date to check your E-visa status

⋅ In case your e-visa is approved, you will get a link to download, then print it out before traveling to Vietnam

⋅ Present a copy of your e-visa or provide your e-visa code at the entry port to get into Vietnam

Vietnam E-visa processing time and fee

The cost of an Vietnam E-visa is 25 USD per application (person). It’s important to note that this fee is non-refundable if your e-visa is rejected or if you get wrong details on the e-visa letter as provided by you in the application form. 

It normally takes 3 working days to receive e-visa result; however, the processing time may be prolonged due to the fact of public holidays or a heavy load of applicants.

In case, you need to expedite your e-visa processing, please contact us here or hotline +84.948.555.332

Some key notes about Vietnam E-visa

⋅ All travelers who apply for Vietnam e-visa are required to carry a copy of the approved e-visa with you at all times during your stay

⋅ Vietnam E-visa is valid for 30 days with single entry. The validity of e-visa is counted from the arrival date shown on the e-visa letter.

⋅ E-visa fee can not be refunded. So, ensure to double check your all information before submitting your application

⋅ Once your entry port is granted on your e-visa or even after submitting your e-visa application, you can not change it. If you want to change your entry port, you have to apply a new visa

⋅ 01 applicant is for each e-visa application. No group application is accepted

Frequently asked questions about Vietnam E-visa

Q: Can I extend my e-visa?

A: Previously, your e-visa could be extended. Now it cannot be extended since Vietnam has resumed this type.

Q: When should I apply for Vietnamese e-visa?

A: It normally takes 3 working days for the Vietnam Immigration Department to process your e-visa application. However; the processing time might take longer than usual due to annual holidays, public holidays and a large number of applicants. Because of this, we highly recommend applicants to submit their application at least 1-2 weeks ahead of their departure time.

Q: Can I get into an entry port that is different from the one granted in my e-visa letter?

No, you can’t. The entry port you put on your visa application is fixed, you are just allowed to enter this port. In case you want to change your port of entry, a new visa must be required.


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