Vietnam Urgency Visa

Last update: 09/09/2022

What Is Urgency Or Super Urgent Visa To Vietnam?

Vietnam urgent visa: it can be issued in 1 working day before submitting your visa application and paying successfully visa fee.

Vietnam super urgent visa:

⋅ 4 working hours: it can be issued in 4 working hours before submitting your visa application and paying successfully visa fee. 

⋅ 2 working hours: it can be issued in 2 working hours before submitting your visa application and paying successfully visa fee.

⋅ 1 working hour: it can be issued in 1 working hour before submitting your visa application and paying successfully visa fee.

Who Need Urgent Vietnam Visa?

Rush visa or emergency visa is considered as a great advantage for some cases as follows: 

⋅ Travelers who need a tourist visa to enter Vietnam but have not applied for it and get stuck at the airport, wait for the approval letter to board the plane.

⋅ Businessmen who have to come to Vietnam for some crises or impromptu reasons.

⋅ Expats who return Vietnam for some urgent business  

How To Apply An Urgent Or Rush Visa To Vietnam

To request an urgent Vietnam visa, please follow 4 steps as follows:

⋅ Fill out your visa application here or call us at our hotline +84.948.555.332 or email us at [email protected]

⋅ Pay for visa service fee through online platform

⋅ Check and download the visa approval letter sent to your email in 1 working day for urgent service or 2-4 working hours for rush service. If you haven’t received your visa letter by email, please check it in spam or junk mail folder. Please contact us in case your visa letter can not be found.

⋅ Print out all essential documentation including visa approval letter, a completed Vietnamese visa application and prepare 02 passport sized photos, stamping fee (in cash) in order to get visa stamped at the Vietnam airport. 

 Some key notes:

⋅ Passport is valid for at least 6 months from your arrival date in Vietnam

⋅ Stamping fee in cash is required to pay on arrival 

⋅ Fast track service at the airport is highly suggested just in case you do not have enough time to print out the visa approval letter. 

Vietnam Urgent Visa Fee (Visa On Arrival)

Urgent or emergency fee is added to the normal visa cost in order to expedite the processing time of visa approval letter. So, depending on how fast the processing time is and the nationality of applicant, the cost of Vietnam visa urgency will vary.

Please check the table below for the extra fee of Vietnam urgent visa. 

Processing time E-visa letter Visa on arrival letter Extra fee (USD/person)
1 working hour Yes N/A 160usd
4 working hours Yes N/A 120usd
1 working day Yes N/A 100usd
2 working days Yes N/A 65usd
5 working days N/A Yes 50usd


The cost can be paid quickly online with Visa, MasterCard or PayPal. 

Visa fee for urgent and emergency visa is refundable in case your visa approval letter can not be delivered within guaranteed time.

What Is The Difference Between Normal And Urgent Service?

With urgent service, as soon as all urgent or emergency applications are accepted and submitted, such applications are immediately processed by Immigration Officers even during the weekend or the holidays.

With normal service, the process takes place within a few working days. Once the application is forwarded to the Immigration Officer (in Vietnam), no influence can be exercised on the speed of processing. 

Vietnam Time Zone And Processing Time Regulation

It is important to note that there is a time difference between Vietnam and a place you are traveling from. Vietnam follows Greenwich Mean Time, which is 7 hours ahead of GMT (GMT+7). Therefore, you should select a proper processing time of your urgent or emergency visa. Apart from this, please keep in mind that the Vietnam Immigration Department works from 8:00am to 5:00pm from Monday to Friday as their official working time. 

FAQs About Urgent Vietnam Visa

Q: Which type of visas can be issued with urgent or rush service?

You can request an urgent or rush service for a tourist or business visa. However, the length of 90 days will not be accepted when it comes to urgency or emergency visa service.

Q: Can I get urgent or emergency visa service during the weekend or Vietnam public holidays?

Yes, you can. Please contact us at our hotline at for more detailed instruction. Be kindly noted that the visa fee of urgent or emergency visa on the weekend or holidays will be higher than the normal service fee. It is informed by us when you contact us. 

Q: I already applied for an e-visa, however, it hasn’t come yet. Can I also apply for visa approval letter (visa on arrival)

Yes, you can. You will have no issue at all to apply for a visa approval letter in case your e-visa is not granted in time for your travel. 

Benefits of getting an urgent or emergency visa online (Visa on arrival) are  completely paperless processing, accepted in all international airports of Vietnam, payment can be made online, do not require you to visit Vietnam Embassy and the service is fully available 24/7.