Vietnam visa on arrival vs Vietnam-Evisa

Last update: 09/09/2022

Vietnam visa on arrival and E-visa are the two most common ways that foreigners choose to apply for a Vietnam. However, both are likely to be misunderstood and confused by most of applicants. In this article, we would like to make it clear by analyzing all differences between two types and its pros and cons. 

What is Vietnam visa on arrival?

Vietnam visa on arrival is one of Vietnam visa types where the applicant is allowed   to obtain a visa at the Vietnam International Airport.

What is Vietnam E-visa?

Vietnam e-visa, as the name implies, is an electronic visa which is issued to foreigners by Vietnamese Immigration Department via electronic system. 

Main difference between two types of visas

Item Vietnam visa on arrival  E-visa
Eligible Applicant All citizens who are travelling to Vietnam by airplane  Only 80 countries as seen in the list
Visa validity  1 or 3 month single/multiple entry 

1 year single/multiple entry visa for USA citizens

Only 1 month single entry 
Processing time 2 working days for tourist visa approval letter. It can be processed faster within 4 working or 2 working hours It normally takes 3 working days
How to apply 
  • Submit the visa application form at
  • Receive visa approval letter by email
  • Get visa stamped at the Vietnam airport
  • Visit the Vietnamese Immigration website at …
  • Upload your portrait photo and passport, then fill up the visa application form
  • Check and download the e-visa with your registration code, email address and birth of date if it is granted
Visa fees There are two fees including visa service fee and stamping fee 25USD only paid online and nonrefundable in case your visa application is denied 
Entry gates 11 International Airports of Vietnam  33 checkpoints (air, land and sea)

Pros and cons of each type of visa


Visa on arrival

⋅ Travelers can enter through any International Airports of Vietnam. There is no fixed entry airport on the visa approval letter. 

⋅ All citizens are eligible for Visa on arrival as long as they travel to Vietnam by airplane 

⋅ It can be extendable 

⋅ A group of travelers can be applied on the same visa application form

⋅ Visa can be valid up to 3 months 


⋅  It is accepted at 33 checkpoints in Vietnam 

⋅  The visa process is entirely done online from submitting the application form to receiving a visa. Applicants can easily get an e-visa with Internet-connected devices. 

⋅ E-visa holders do not need to wait in a queue at the Immigration Area upon arrival airports in order to get a visa stamped on their passport.


Visa on arrival

⋅ There are more papers required to submit including 02 empty blank pages on passport, Vietnamese visa application form and 02 passport sized photos

⋅ It takes times for applicants to get visa stamped at the airport because there is a long queue of applicants waiting for the visa processing. 

⋅ Except for visa service fee paid to get visa approval letter beforehand. There is an additional fee of 25usd or 50usd paid in cash at the Vietnam airport


⋅ E-visa fee can be non-refundable if your visa application is rejected

⋅ There is a limited number of countries eligible for E-visa 

⋅ Entry port is fixed in visa. It means that e-visa holders can not change the entry port unless they have to apply for a new visa.

⋅ Only 1 month and single entry are allowed, which is not convenient for those who wish to live for a certain period of time and frequently travel back and forth the country.

Bottom line

Both of visa types require some preparation beforehand and submit the visa application online, however they have some differences in terms of price, processing time, validity, how to apply and what they allow visa holder to do. Depending on each applicant’s eligibility and need, the applicant should consider both the ins and outs of them to choose the best way to get a Vietnam visa.


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